Top Definition
To claim victory, even after you've lost, and badly.
To 'pwn with easy'.
To die testing a 'parashoot'.

Named after the stupidest player to ever stumble onto a WoW server
SIF I lost that duel, im pulling a thados, I pwned you with easy !!

Dude, you suck, that was a total thados
Yeah, my parashoot didn't open :(, dumb horde !
by creamcheese February 22, 2005
thados (n) Typical Paladin / Alliance
Dude you used lay of hands your such a thados.
by rofflbbq February 23, 2005
asdasdasdAWes asdas das as asd asd
asdasdasd asd asd s asd asd as dasda sda sd a as dasdweqe d
by TRW.Milkman March 06, 2005
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