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an acronym for Thanks For The Invite, usually used when a bunch of your buddies go out and they dont think to invite you
Joe: Man that party we all went to was crazy as hell
John: tfti assholes
by Big Guy32 March 08, 2010
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Acronym for "Thanks for the invite" used mainly in text's and Facebook Check ins.
Alex: Dude I went to the bar last night, ton of chicks.

Oscar: TFTI
by unemployed8 May 16, 2011
Short for; thanks for the invite.

It is commonly used by Booty grabbers in the Gaia Aquariums when thanking for an invite to a big booty thread.
Thread Owner: Hi, can you post your tank in my thread?
Reply: tfti
by heinan September 02, 2009
"Thanks For The Invite". Generally used sarcastically, can also be used literally.
naw i don't wanna go to church today but tfti
for real tho
by bythebloodofoprah July 06, 2014
Abreviation for "thanks for the info!" Often used in a sarcastic manner, when unneccessary or unwanted information is recieved.
DSettahr: I just farted.
Detty: tfti!
by DSettahr March 25, 2003

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