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Texting in public when you are just doin it to avoid the people around. Shutting your self away from the people around you so you can text someone far away.

Also say that texting is as rude as playing with your self in public
Stephen: Stop texturbating, we're at the mall!
Erin: Whats texturbate supposed to mean!
Stephen: Stop texting and have a real conversation.
Erin: Okay.
by Stephen D.M. June 12, 2008
The act of male masturbation that occurs simultaneously while texting. The action involves holding ones phone pressed against ones genitalia while having a 'New Massage' open, and then masturbating (if one has a flip phone then the phone may be enclosed around ones genitalia). When one is satisfied, one sends the resulting text message to someone else.
Guy: Hey Bro! I just Texturbated this girl!
Girl: Hey what do you think this text means?: "JfC774ju&@nbtjfjcuJEUWKLLPN:>PX"
by Captain Randolfo June 07, 2010

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