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When you and a friend are having a conversation by means of text messaging.
Man, I was right in the middle of my textersation with T-Bone when my mom told me to take out the garbage!
by Lorenzo Inda Benzo November 07, 2005
Combination of the words text and conversation. A conversation held through text messeges.
"Ana and Ashely are having a textersation"
by melodysangel November 08, 2007
a compound of the two words text and and conversation. a textersation is a conversation in the form of a text but takes 70 times as long as a regular coversation and kills your phone remarkably fast. textersations are know to begin early on the morning and end late at night. you can expect to see alot of "hahas" and smiley faces in textersations.
dave - dang kelli fell asleep during our textersation.
by gary the banana slug April 07, 2010
A conversation one has with another person over texting. Continuous back and forth texting that is as if you were having a conversation in person.
Brian-Dude, I just had the longest textersation with Amy. I think she might like me...

Isaiah-Well if you've started having textersations, then your golden; you should ask her out!

by melbellfromhell March 12, 2009
A conversation carried over text... Usually more wordy than something along the lines if the universally hated 'k'.
Dude: hey babe what's up?
Chick: not much...
Dude: great convo
Chick: excuse me, we aren't face to face. This is a textersation
by 57974 June 11, 2013
a conversation through texting....therefore textersation
Why start a textersation if you aren't going to keep texting me?

during our textersation......
by saiters April 19, 2011
Having a full conversation through text messaging
I was at work having a textersation with Jane because I didn't want to talk on the phone.
by Buttons823 January 17, 2011

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