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One who obsessively texts and always love getting texted back.
"Christian is such a textaholic! He wouldn't put down his phone!"
by Chris's_Zen May 04, 2013
One who text on a daily bases, usally sending more then the normal person.
Sean is a textaholic, he has not put down his phone tonight.
by SeanDavid January 29, 2007
A person (male or female) who constantly has their phone open minute by minute. From right when they wake up, to right before they go to bed. Their phone is like a reusable drug, and you know when someone is addicted. Click, clack, click, click is all you hear from them. Even if they come in contact with the person they are texting, they still text after parting ways for some odd reason.

It makes them feel at ease to have their phone extremely close to them. If their phone is dead or forgotten somehwere, they go into depression and/or a "sleepy" state in which they almost stop talking altogether. Anywhere and everywhere they are texting; even at the most awkward places where you would not be texting, (example: a movie theatre) which is EXTREMELY annoying especially knowing the fact that they aren't even paying any attention to the movie.

You may also notice with avid texters that they pay no attention to anything else except writing their message to the other avid texter. Usually it's described as a zombie or brain dead stage and they are only attentive when the phone is closed. The sad thing is, most phone companies offer "Unlimited Texting" which makes all the avid texters out there go nuts. Also, most phones have "T9 Text" which spells out words for them so they can text pages upon pages of nothing but bullcrap.

Does anyone have a clue of what they are texting? No. Can we find out? No, because if you even touch their phone they will freak out and ask you "what the hell are you doing?" and get very defensive like their phone is a precious diamond.
John: "Hey, Mike, what do you wanna do now?"

Mike: ".....(click, click, clack, click)"

John: "...Mike...?"

Mike: *Shuts phone* "What?!"

John: "Nevermind....text-a-holic..."

Mike: (Click, click, clack, click)
someone who cannot resist the urge of texting even for a minute.

text addict.

excessive use of cellular phones by texting.
Janna is a certified textaholic!
by oklahomacity March 12, 2009
Someone who is almost always on their phone. They are addicted and can't resist the urge to check their phone right away when the text alert goes off. Textaholics don't care about how rude they look while texting the whole time on a date/dinner/family gathering/hangout/middle of a conversation.
Jon: You look really nice today.
Stacy: Thank you! So how was your Biology class? *looking at phone/texting*
Jon: It was good. We actually had a quiz and um -feels awkward because he knows hes not being payed any attention- i uhh aced it.
Stacy: mhmm mhmm thats cool *texting*
-puts phone away-
Jon: how was your English class?
-phone rings-
Stacy: hold that thought. *texts* um what did you say?
Jon: Okay you're a textaholic and you need help.
*continues texting*
by pineapple87 September 01, 2010
Someone Who Is Addicted To Texting And IMing
Cassidy;I was Textingg Lexie, Stephe, Shaun, Kyle, Andrew, And Christian...
Kaylee; Yerr Such a Textaholic
by y0urgirlsar33na March 30, 2009
1) Someone who is addicted to texting.

2) Although an addict, is still an amazing person.
1) "Put that phone away!"
"I can't...I'm addicted to texting...I have a problem...I'm a textaholic. Please get me help!"

2) "Wow, she's such a textaholic..."
"Yeah, but she's so amazing..."
"True that."
by Live.Love.Learn July 31, 2009
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