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Someone who texts on their cellphone in really inappropriate places, like movie theatres, concerts, plays, or during sex.
1. The movie was great, except right during the best scene, this text-hole in front of me lit up his phone and started texting away.

2. We were humping away, and she started texting her friend. She was a certified text-hole.
#text #cell #cellphone #sex #movie #film #play #concert #music #annoy #obnoxious
by shootandrun August 14, 2007
Someone who repeatedly gets in your way while texting on the phone.
Sorry im late i got stuck behind a Texthole at the store.
#text #cellphone #rude #richbitch #girl with fake fur on the hood
by russelllll January 11, 2008
Someone whose texting behavior is rude or just entertainingly stupid.
Some guy was madly fiddling with his cellphone while the cashier was trying to ask him a question. I couldn't help saying, "Hey textole, if you don't put down the iPhone I'm gonna shove it up your textum.

Mary was texting someone in the middle of our Thanksgiving dinner. What a royal texthole!

I saw this texthole bump into a street lamp the other day.
#asshole #texter #idiot #imbecile #yahoo
by Sausalito Kid May 08, 2011
Anyone who behaves like an asshole by texting at inappropriate times.
If you text while in a movie - you're a text-hole. If you text while you're at a wedding or a funeral - you're a text-hole. If you text while driving - you're a dangerous text-hole. If you are driving a car with four of your friends as passengers and you are all texting other people then tomorrow's newspaper headline should read "Five Text-Holes Killed in Tragic Car Crash". The tragedy in this case being the damage to car.
#texting while driving #texting at movies #texting at wedding #texting at funeral #texting during surgery
by Johnny Heretic September 26, 2013
One who writes redundant, illogical, or pointless comments in an internet chatroom, blog, e-mail, magazine, book or any other form of text.
The texthole acted like he or she thought that what they were writing was valuable although their words were pointless in reality, thus taking up the readers time and or webchat space.
#spammer #moron #waist of space #pointless #hole #waist of time
by goffish September 23, 2005
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