Somebody BORN in texas. Im sorry but you have to be born here to call yourself a texan.
Me: Im a Texan.
Guy: So am I.
Me: What part you from?
Guy: Ohio.
Me: Your not a Texan.
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper July 28, 2009
Hah i added the letter s on to texan so i get my own definition.

Persons from Texas, the best state in the union, would be the largest if you didn't count that stupid hunk of ice Alaska, aslo only state capable of secceding from the us and functioning as its own country.

Also a Football team that would be decenct if they got rid of the the california pretty boy quarter back and drafted Vince Young.

And for all your notherner bitches who don't know what Dr.Pepper is its the God of all sodas and we make it here.
Texan+s=Texans.....words to take up space
by Smiling_weasle April 03, 2006
Someone who wears a cowboy hat and jeans while skiing
Jerry: Hey man, how was skiing in Colorado?

Tom: Awesome, I only saw one annoying Texan!

Jerry: Oh yeah, how do you know he was a Texan?

Tom: He was wearing an orange jumpsuit and a cowboy hat
by coloradoan February 19, 2011
In Catalonia (north-east of Spain) blue jeans are called texans.
Quina talla de texans vols?
Which size of texans do you want?
by catalonian girl November 04, 2004
A person who likes to make too much noise in a bar.
We were having a good time until her friends went Texan on us and we got kicked out.
by Sam Tanner November 20, 2004
The most proud, obnoxious people ever known in the U.S. They're motto is: "Bigger is Better", though what they gain in quantity, they lack in quality. They are always the first to become offended at any discussion that doesn't involve the state's "majesty." They claim to be patriotic, but it never fails that their first line of defense is always, "we are the only state that can secede from the union" or "We can fly our flag equal to the American"
The above description does not implicate every person who lives in Texas. Everyone else are not Texans, but are Americans.
by Wrex October 01, 2006
also a place where some of us may wear cowboy hats, own cattle, and say y'all and actually mean it!
all my friends are true texans, we all have horses and sometimes wear cowboy hats!
by lauren!!! (a complete texan) August 09, 2004

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