1. One of the greatest pro-wrestlers to ever grace us with his presence. Has a good habbit of getting annoying WWE Diva's OFF of our TV screens, usually by charging at them and booting them in the face.

2. A real mans man! Even more so than William Regal.

3. Soon to be returning to WWE rings and will be murdering mid-carders left and right with big boots.
J.R.: Bah Gawd, that sunuvabitch TEST just kicked that poor girls teeth down her throat!

King: Those poor puppies!
by Joey Suska April 10, 2006
Derogative term.
Derived from the way a Greek may call someone an Arhidi (a testicle).

Place of origin: N Melbourne (Aust)
You're such a test!

Hey there goes that test again.

by fano March 31, 2005
What you take in school to determine if you pass or fail in life.
I failed my test, therfore I must fail at life.
by energizerman38 June 26, 2007
To try someone or go up against another by getting on ones nerves or manhood.
1.He's really trying to test my paitience!

2.Yo if that nigga wanna test me i'm going to have to show him something.

3.(Rasta) You no wan ta test me boy!!!
by Dajinx1979 December 03, 2006
1) A test, you are testing some thing

2) A test in the school
1) TEST, 123... Bwahaha

2) A paper filled with boring questions that you should answer
by XiTER May 26, 2003
Reasons why tree's are getting cut down
Tree: *gets cut down*
Test: I'M GONNA BE REBORN!! *evil laugh*
by Tails619 May 08, 2013
1. N. Oral Or written exam
2. N. Test of long term skills
3. V. Seeing if something works (See testing )
4. N. A Zombie with an afro. (See Gilligan's Island )
1. Person 1 : I can't wait for my test!
Person 2 : That makes 1 nerd!
Person 3 : That was the lamest thing I've ever heard
2. Teacher : We have a test on wednesday and you all better study for it!
Person 1 : Hey look at her huge tits!
Person 2 : Why is she so pissed off recently!
Person 3 : She's just going through her period. ***Chuckle
Teacher : Do you have something to say to me? (Person 3)
Person 3 : No Ma'm, I just said you have a nice ass.
Teacher : What???!?
Person 3 : Wait that isn't what I said!
Teacher : I'm giving you a referral!
Person 3 : Yay!
3. I was just about to test my new lowrider, when a freakin' asteroid came down and busted my spinners. Damn I hate having to repair my new ride, I don't have insurance damnit.
4. Oh Snap! Look at all those Tests! We're fucked!
by Taeko Hentie April 08, 2006

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