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The act of a large sized person wearing shirts or t-shirts that are at least two sizes too small so the wearers gut overhang is clearly visible when sitting, standing or stretching
Oh my look at him, he's terrying right out of that shirt
by Dog Bit Man May 01, 2013
Terrying is when you are having an affair with with your teammates wag (girlfriend/wife). No good can come of it.
That low-life, Champions-League-penalty-kick missing, Chelsea captain, John Terry was Terrying with Wayne Bridges' wag. The Terrying partially fractured the England squad before the World Cup.
by Thug_J March 01, 2010
Terrying is when somebody leaves in mid sentence without informing the other speakers.

Usually this happens online or when speaking with the blind.
It is considered rude to do such a thing, so the term "Terrying" has come into place.
Bill was Terrying before he came back from being afk.
John couldn't believe Bill was Terrying.

John: "I can't believe you were Terrying on me!"
Bill: "I was Terrying? Sorry I forgot to tell you"
by DarkOnister October 28, 2009
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