A general racial slang for black people, or occasionally small white boys that are the exact opposite of someone that would be named "Tahree".
(While driving by a large black man)
Nick: Terry!
Cole: Dude, Terry is so fucking old. Stop saying it.
by Dertay July 02, 2007
UK slang for cocaine.
Derives from 'Terry Farley' (the DJ), which is slang for charlie (another slang word for cocaine)
"Got any Terry mate, I could really do with a pick-me-up?"
by Miss P July 19, 2004
to sleep

this verb is named after terry schiavo who was a well known vegetable.
I terried for 14 hours last nite.

I've been terrying all day long.

BRB guys, i'm going to go have a 45 minute terry session.
by ChaDMcBaDD October 12, 2009
spunk, jizz, merry monk. After wrestler/actor Terry funk
she now wears a patch after i shot terry in her eye
by Phil hebden September 23, 2004
discriminating word against citizens of united states territories such as puerto rico, used like nigger or mooncricket.
dammit marcus, you a stupid terry!
by trawzelle March 27, 2007
ugly disgusting young man if u come across keep your distance
i would hate to be terry
by red spot on forehead June 07, 2016
A guy that smells in science all the time and is a mean person overall.
Holy guacamole does he smell. I haven't breathed through my nose for two months now.
Looks like he's about to cry whenever someone insults him, and he likes men.
Terry, stop smelling so bad.
by Guy that sits beside Terry February 29, 2016
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