cool dude from waynes world who loves everyone
terry - "i LOVE you man!!!"
by holliver twist March 15, 2004
A lazy gay Ohioan who waits until summer to do his spring gardening.
Is he really planting sod in this heat? What a freaking Terry!
by jerseyfrank June 14, 2014
Generally is the member of a group who takes the blame for most things.
Mackie: Oh fuck I've lost my wallet

Duffy: Probably that fucking Terry again its always him
by Hjoofles April 18, 2010
The name given to gay people.
Terry: the walker kind.
by Jpnn June 08, 2013
some no mark who you cant be bothered to remember there name
alright terry hows it going - yeh cant stop my dogs pregnant see you later!

terry whats happening ( omg whats his name its that smelly twat from the gym)

wow terry looking good ( shit i shagged her last week but was to drunk to remember her/his name)
by tonmawrtiki November 19, 2010
Terry Fuckwit is a cartoon character from a magazine. The character's behaviour throughout the cartoon can only be described as that of a fuckwit. Hence, "Terry" is used in polite company when describing someone else as a fuckwit.
"My boss continues to make real bonehead decisions. He's a real terry"


"The terry umpire screwed up again"

by FrankOwen September 05, 2008
British slang for a sum of money of £10,000. Named after England Football Captain, John Terry, who was caught by tabloid newspaper News of the World attempting to charge £10,000 to reporters for clandestine and secretive private tours of Chelsea's Football Ground
I went and saw this motor the other night, the geezer only wanted a Terry for it.
by Ponyegg December 21, 2009

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