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normally from bristol or somerset - cant talk properly normally ends a conversation with the term coolbeans
alright my lover av you seen my cider cool beans - fuck off you carrot muncher

says something you dont understand followed by coolbeans - oh your a carrotmuncher your cousin girlfirend sister is over there with your mum
by tonmawrtiki November 19, 2010
male or female from the valleys of south wales normally supports or plays rugby - has no fashion sence drives ar car that looks like it ram raided halfords. often loud and punchy
Alright love my mates taking a pee round the corner can i nick a chip response fucking sheepchav - oh mate you loking at my misses like - response your to ugly to have a misses you sheepchav
by tonmawrtiki November 19, 2010
often shows a soft silent side but can flip at any second - throwing a wobbly
yeh we was just talking about tyre pressure and he threw a timbo
by tonmawrtiki November 19, 2010
some no mark who you cant be bothered to remember there name
alright terry hows it going - yeh cant stop my dogs pregnant see you later!

terry whats happening ( omg whats his name its that smelly twat from the gym)

wow terry looking good ( shit i shagged her last week but was to drunk to remember her/his name)
by tonmawrtiki November 19, 2010

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