A completely subjective term. The man considered a terrorist here in America is considered a hero back in his home.
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
N. Terrorism is literally unstoppable. Now that that's been cleared up, terrorism is an idea spreas through a network of guerillas and sleeper cells. The idea is to use excessive violence and shock and awe tactics to get your way, hence the name "terrorism." Although terrorism is highly frowned upon by Americans and most of the "free world," it seems to be the most effective means of attack, in that since it's carried out through an authoritative idea rather than an authoritative figure, nobody can really end it or really combat it. As long as humanity can speak and communicate their ideas freely, terrorism and the idea of terrorism cannot be stopped.
First, why would we go to Iraq to stop terrorism. We had no allies, too few soldiers, and no clear reason. Even before Saddam Hussein was "president," Iraq was a better country. We bomb the crap out of it for no reason now. We've destroyed more of Iraq than Saddam. Second, how the hell do you stop an idea? We're catching smoke with a fucking net.

There are only two terrorist in this world:
Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush.
by DeusExMagna January 01, 2006
an attack which kills white people
it's not terrorism when we do it either.
by jon April 02, 2005
Terrorism is a speciallity of the USA. The whole world will be terrorised and drained of resources from this world police. Legal terrorism, as it can't trial itself, no one can say anything. SO SHUT UP!! OR BE BOMBED WITH THE NEW STOCK OF WEAPONS!! millions have been spent on weapons of mass destruction, nothing has been spent on the misfortunate and starved around the world. It would only take a bush monkey to dillusion a weaker minded follower. Now, there will be supporters for terrorism of another nature.
Forget the flow of crack cocaine, heroin smuggling. Thats working ok for us already! we need some OIL and shit!, Lets terrorise the world to get what we want!! (bushmonkey making plans for a UNITED STATES OF CONFUSION)
by kay February 12, 2005
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