ugly butt face
Terran Is Butt Ugly
by T-Tricky October 22, 2011
A male who is usally a heartbreaker. Dates the same girl multiple times and breaks up with her whenever he feels like it, but then expects to get back together 5 minutes later. Usually short. Sweet when wants to be. Likes 2 girls at a time. Basically just an asshole!!!
1: OMG! I cant beleive Terran broke up with me for the 40th time today!!!
by Dollfaceee. April 28, 2009
heart breaker, one who will break a girls heart and feel no remorse.
1) gosh he was such a terran last night, i dont think i will ever recover.
2) He is terran, he broke her heart and didnt even offer glue to put it back together.
by mellos will rule the world June 23, 2006

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