Short for Tenheishi. Japanese angels. Deffinition; Sky Soldier. They have 2 sets of wings & throw spears at people. Common tenshs of today usually have only 1 set of wings or 2, bt one set of wings are actually feathery wing shapped ears.
Japanese history texts & countless anime/manga/CG sites.
by Allaiyah January 15, 2004
Top Definition
Japanese romanized word tenshi means angel when translated into English. THe original context means the messenger of heaven. This word is not commonly used in the contemporary Enlish language but was understood among anime fans.
Ah! Look at that girls walking on the other side of the sidewalk; she's a tenshi.
by jongu June 13, 2004
Romanized japanese, word for "angel." Even though this is a name meaning angel, however, you'll find that all people named "tenshi" are insane from birth. They will act nice at one point in time and then immediately turn around and say the most insane things. This name is definitely cursed.
"Hey man did you talk to Tenshi last night?"
"Yeah she gave me a hug and then told me to stop being a dumbass or she would kill me."
by LordZekercan12 December 03, 2015
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