primarily used in utah. its when two people do the following: kiss, hold hands, hug, and flirt. something said or done, lovingly or affectionately.
girl 1: "omg! you were totally being tender with him!!"

girl 2: "i know!! it was so exciting. that means he likes me, riht?"

girl 1: "yes! i could feel the tenderness in the air!!!"
by aarbear21 November 19, 2010
Tenders, also known as "Tendaaahs" refers to some hot women, typically in packs. These said "Tendahs" must be of legal age, otherwise they're just chicky nuggets... stay away from chicky nuggets. (Try this one out before you think it's bad, becuase trust us, it's good.)
"Yo, Brah, check out that 4 piece of chicken tenders!"
"Dude that's what I'm talking about..."
by BBrown May 24, 2008
The word Tender is used to describe a person that is being a complete Pussy. Warning.. Tenderness may lead to Vaginosis if not addressed immediately.
Harold: Hey, want to play paintball after school?
Mike: Nah paintball hurts.
Harold: Dude stop being so Tender...
by ShaQueefah May 15, 2011
an adjective describing someone or something being sexually attractive or "hot", this term is especially used in the male gay community.
That guy and I hooked up last night. It was tender. OR

That guy is ripped, his body is tender.
by Omi Spiekermann September 25, 2010
Hitting on a girl. Putting an offer in for your services.
I saw you chatting to that hottie, were you putting in a tender?
by Greg Dee November 20, 2006
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