getting mildly upset or mad while your friends are jokingly making fun of you
man, he got sooo tender when we were poking fun at him!
by hay hay_777 May 21, 2009
when something is creamy and/or moist
darryl is so tender, creamy and moist
by darryl June 22, 2003
(1)A fine YOUNG Man who is obviously too young for a Real Woman to be involved with. Age difference of maybe 6-12 years (i.e) Woman: Age 27 Tender Age 19 (2) One whose order at McDonald's would probably be Chicken Nuggets with an orange soda
Guy: (smiling)Hey Ma! How you doin today? You lookin all fine, can I call you later on?

Girl: (blushing) Oh that's so sweet!...You look kinda young for me, How old are you?

Guy: Aww Baby, I'm a grown ass man. I'll be 22 in December

Girl: (laughing) Awwww! Your'e still a chicken tender. Can I buy you a Happy Meal or something? LOL
by Young Tender July 10, 2008
Goalie found on a Northern Virginia ice hockey team. Anything but soft, known for his lewd comments and references to misogynistic ways.
Tender was into necrophilia, until the undertaker caught him.
by Wayne Grimzky April 13, 2005
a pussy or vagina.

She fingered her tender.
by its true February 26, 2005
A femine acting male
Look at that tender boy with that pocket book.
by sweetsouljette May 13, 2003
Talking about acts of kindness, compassion or precious moments.

Referring to people who are quite muscular.
“Checkout Thomas giving TJ red roses for her birthday & to ask her to prom. So tender.”

“OOOh he’s so tender. I love those muscles.”
by teejaybeauts March 06, 2015

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