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Give it a minute's worth of attention and it will give you a lifetime's worth of desperate mooching. It is incredibly difficult to get a TeMpY out of your house once you have let it in. It will use your internet to flirt with other people and suddenly you'll notice that all of your bologna is missing. The best thing to do, once the bologna has been recovered, is to send it back where it came from - there's a reason it was tossed out in the first place.
"Dude, I can't get this tempy off my johnson. You got any WD-40?"
by tempylove1 January 03, 2014
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An incredibly vivacious, little hottie with brains to boot.
That tempy over there is the one for me!
by Tempy October 23, 2003
A strange guy from portsmouth who is trying to steal ma place with my friends but left ma beer!
Damn that tempy!
by Paul "Playdough" Medyk August 20, 2003

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