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Usually a black teenage male. Somebody whos chill and loves to get dirty. An all-around player.
"Yo dude check out that pimp."
"He's gotta be a Kyron fo shure."
by KG BALLA May 15, 2009
Kyron's are generally really nice guys. They are really simpathetic and, ladies if you have a Kyron, your really lucky because all Kyron's are all about treating there women right, with respect love and passion ;)...
"Hey look at that guy, over there he is so cool".

"Hey look at that guy, over there he's holding the door for that beautiful girl".
"Ya he must be a Kyron".
by Kyron Lover January 21, 2011
You'll never meet anyone else like this, so make sure not to take them for granted. A Kyron is sweet, understanding, loving, intellectual, and loyal. In other words, pretty much perfect. He's extremely attractive in many ways. All of his features bring out his amazing personality. It's difficult to find the right words to accurately describe such a wonderful individual. To have a Kyron in your life, is to have a soulmate.
I met this guy Kyron the other day. I'm never gonna let him go, that's for sure.
by TheOppositeOfBasic November 15, 2012
the funniest niqqa eva. sum 1 dhats cool nd will always hav ur bakk. even doe his rude nd a ass he has dhat charm dhat attracts others to him. the people he associates with would say dhat deres no one lyk him nd no one 2 replace him. he also always say whats on his mind and he speaks the truth. if yu no a kyron den yur super lucky
person 1: damn that kyron such an ass
person 2: but got to love that bout him
person 1: i know right thats why i fuck with him
by i ambidextrous person December 07, 2010
A cry baby that cheats on everyone with anything
omg that kyron us such a dickhead
by Brooke scott April 22, 2016
a child that needs to grow the f**k up
a retarded two faced bird brain filthy cock sucking stoner with perverted needs for little children and psychotic tendancies....low life piece of shit stalker
Loser - "look at me, I'm a Kyron"

Normal ppl - "woah...its worse than emos"
by Kyrons EX April 16, 2008
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