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Scottish slang for 'told', usually used when the 'telling' involves some exercise of authority or bringing to order.
Get yersel telt.

You've been telt already ya cunt. Next time yer gettin chibbed
by Tulley December 18, 2007
82 21
"That is you told!" A word used within the Scottish language to discribe a demand with no questions asked. A word to discribe being told.
"You will do this, no questions asked......Telt!"
by metalcherry March 10, 2007
11 4
Scottish Slang: There is nothing more intense than getting telt, it's verbal battering, a take down with words, capable of reducing any man, no matter what the crime to dust in the wind.
He's lost it, get him telt.
by henrytheeighth July 09, 2014
3 0