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an awesome name meaning something tight in indian language.
tehya is the most coolest name i've ever heard of.
by tehya April 07, 2008
Tehya is gorgeous, beautiful,pretty, just all the way around perfect. She can brighten anybody's day with her cute smile. She's loud and obnoxious but it makes her personality unique. Her laugh is one of a kind. Any guy would be lucky to have a girl like her. You can trust her with anything, and she has a really nice butt. She can be a prep, but hey everybody knows who she is!
Guy: check out that butt! Dangg it's nice!

Girl: I wish I was Tehya
by Ttdefintions March 26, 2013
She's a prep, and has a nice butt. She has a little bit of an attitude! She's loud and has a loud laugh. Tehya is gorgeous and absolutely perfect, she's good at every sport even if she doesn't play it. She is spoiled and gets whatever she wants. She's a very sarcastic person, so don't get tricked;) A lot of the time she's rarely single so boys you better get on the waiting list. She mostly digs for the younger guys;)
1) here comes Tehya
2) Yup I hear her laugh
by Ttsdefinitions March 26, 2013
Very round grouchy person with a potato head and an upepe nose.
That chick sitting in the back of the plane reminds me of a tehya.
by hydro808 February 23, 2010