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dis iz a jamaican word which basicly means you THEIF/JACKASS/STEALER/CRIMINAL
MAN 1. oi, manz a tef yu know, c how much shit he jacked frm dat boyz bag.

MAN 2. Innit da-sa boye ting!
by hfgsgfyu February 25, 2005
An online acronym that is used when one fails completely at something. It means "Total Epic Fail."
Joe: Hey Bob, how was your blind date with Jennifer?

Bob: It was horrible. We sat in an awkward silence the whole night, and when I dropped her off I went in for a kiss but she backed away. Then I went home and saw I had spinach stuck in my teeth. TEF.
by PurpleMonkeys April 12, 2010
Temporary Enemy Flag
ie. Soandso got a tef from killing the rebel surface marshall.
by awhefure December 02, 2003
Short for the tea-cup evacuation fund. If a national disaster was to occur then all tea-cups would be evactuated before humans.
A giant carrot! Evacuate the tea-cups.
by Timmy February 06, 2005
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