Tight / Teasy, like teasing / chill
Yo dis guy's teezy!
Hey yo stop being teezy...
Aiight G! Dats teezy!
by Teezy Dee February 05, 2004
Top Definition
Too Easy;
No Problem;
Yo' that test was so teezy.
by Shine_ June 05, 2006
The act of skipping out on company quizzo to have sex with every participants' spouse.
While we were playing quizzo, Dan was pulling a Teezy on our husbands and wives.
by Disneyvacay15 August 08, 2015
When someone willingly skips company quizzo to secretly have sex with his/her participating co-workers' spouses.
"Where the hell is Dan?"
"Shit man, he's totally pulling a Teezy on us right now!"
by Classess Chaps August 09, 2015
yo boo , i ain't goin wit u no mo'! Nah I'm playin! Teezy ain't i?
by D-mi February 05, 2004
yo man that verse was teezy
by K-Nibble September 13, 2003
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