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Arabic for ass, arse, buttocks, anus.
Written as: ØíÙ (view page in Arabic Windows coding).
by LudwigVan December 20, 2003
Arabic word for ass or butt. it's also used as: Boring, stupid, ugly or bummer
why don't you stop acting like a teez and start acting like a real man
by Mazin Quddus August 04, 2006
1. The Arabic word describing an ass (usually a large ass)
1. "That girl has a nice teez."
2. "Move your effing teez out of my way!"
3. "Yin3an teezak" or "...teezek" for a girl
by meesh559 February 08, 2009
"I'm picking up an 8ball, Jon's party is gonna be teez mania!
by Gaseous Snake May 16, 2009

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