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"that guy", a teeg is a mellow kind of man.
A teeg is usually stereotyped as mellow and is not absorbed into other people's problems
He sat on the couch, a teeg that haddnt moved in hours.
#mellow #calm #sensibly #unthoughtful #lazy
by T.J. Beville June 01, 2006
An inexperienced gamer (Preferably a young kid) who has nothing to do except talk shit on the mic all day in Video games.

Or... basically a noob.

Plural version of the word would be... "Teegz"
"Man! Omar is such a Teeg!"
-"I know man, all he does is talk on that stupid mic!"
#gaming #mic #noob #call of duty #young
by Anquan123 March 31, 2011
The act of not following through on previously made commitments and leaving your friends high and dry.
Scott said he was going to be there this weekend but he Teeged out and we had to pay his portion of the bill. What a douche bag!
#teeging out #teeged #jap #bail #bounce
by CLT Posse March 01, 2009
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