Tee is a Synonym for fail, or failure, used in most cases as a noun.
goddamn it that tee

or just

by h faint April 20, 2008
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T-shirt - casual wear for all ages.
I'm going to wear my red tee tonight.
by Tronno December 29, 2004
A whining bitch.
God, that guy's always complaining about us using his ideas. What a Tee!
by Johnny J Shmoove January 16, 2003
To kiss or make out with someone, same sex or not.
My new years resolution is to tee a whole lot more!
by peanutbutterjellytimeforrealz January 02, 2010
term used to describe/name a hot guy, who also posesses one or more other desirable characteristics, such as musically talented,a great cook,comedian and fantastic in bed.
"woah dude, your Tee is THAT good"
"hi, i'm Tee"

by bumblechum March 30, 2003
An acronym standing for "Total Erection Explosion". Used to signify the intense arousal of a man.
Ohhhh man. That bitch made me TEE off! I almost blasted it.

Awwww, I'm TEEin' off. Don't look guys.
by Mister Craze November 10, 2005
"Tee" - Exclamatory word to be used only in times of great happiness or joy. When something very good happens you say "tee". Derived from the word Tee-Hee.
Person1: "Dude I just got some HEAT!"

Person2: "Tee"
by Praetorian March 30, 2004
An ethnic term for a rare breed of Sinhalese beauties.

Often found with silky black, layered hair and glowing with a coating of Mac Make-Up. Usually found with a big smile and a childish giggle which is infectious.

Widely known for their intelligence, and ability to maintain interesting conversation.

Slight caffeine addiction too, often found with withdrawal symptoms between 12pm-2pm near a coffee shop, in need of a top-up.

O2 (Phone Companies) number #1 customer, for her regular mobile phone pay-as-you-go credit top-ups, on the hour, every hour.

Pretty good with a pen, and can write some pretty deep poetry.

Unfortunately they also are known to be too giving with their love, so are some of the hardest people to bring up, when they are down...however hard her friends try.
OMG, that girl is such a TEE!
Would you like TEE, with that biscuit?
TEE or Coffee? Neither, I'll have a TEECUP though!
by An Anonymous Admirer/HATER January 28, 2009

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