Going down on a female.
"Damn, Malik gives some fire ass Teddy"
by VarelaChick February 15, 2010
(verb) - The act of going down on a female ; the tongue in and or around the vaginal area. Eating it up.

(antonym) - Plies version of becky

(origin) - The females needed a nickname for what they wanted
guy: ay girl lemme get some of that becky.

girl: man fuck that becky, you better get down and give me teddy
by bossman92 December 05, 2009
A Faggot boy who enjys blowinng penis and hooking up with his mother. He is an anal drewling but monkey and loves hot steamy anal intercourse.He also likes giving quickies and he only charges $2.
One day teddy was our and about and some guy said i think i know u from some were. Teddy said "i don't think so"
"No, I do" the man replied
"Thats it,you were in that movie men gone wild analstyle"h exclamed
by GREG STRIER March 10, 2005
Hip slang for an erection
"that girl's so hot she gave me a raging Teddy"
by THE HOV October 22, 2011
The lead artist of 1TYM
T to the E the D the D Y gotcho Y'lin' on this shit like boom shakalakalaka
by Ruben August 13, 2004
Nickname for the Spider Grenade in Dystopia; taken from the PHWComics. Believed to be named after the lead coder, Teddy.
Light: "You named you Spider Grenade?"
Heavy: "GO TEDDY! GO!"
by Fenrir Valdesti September 26, 2005
depending on what your birth name is , you either suck choade or are really attractive... if your birth name starts with e like edmond or edward you are the worst possible human being, annoying, ugly, fagatron, etc... if your birth name starts with t like theodore then you are the shit! you are most likely extremely attractive and funny
wait ok so your name is teddy right? what's your birth name, because if its something that starts with "e" then we gonna have some major problems
by bugsbunny86 February 17, 2010
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