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used as an expression when one defies anything ordinary.
When playing billiards, Adopto Boy, scratches the ball on the break, so he calls technicality and gets a redo.
by superhero villian August 10, 2009
1: Any detail an individual person cannot remember or does not wish to take into account.
2: A small detail, especially legal or related to rules, that NOBODY remembers or cares about unless they can abuse it for something.
1: That's just a technicality! -anyone on the wrong side of an argument
2: Did you hear they let that mass-murderer off on a technicality?

Heard it!? I'm skipping town because of it!
by WolfsTrinity June 11, 2014
A word news ppl say 2 make them seem smart.
were having a technicality.
by OLLIE6197 March 04, 2005