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12 definitions by dj scrizzle

Wheels of Steel, Decks, Dex, Turntables
A well known brand of turntables made by Panasonic as Technics. SL-1200MK2s are very popular among DJs for their reliablity in the field.
Them decks up there on my setup are Technics
by dj scrizzle July 07, 2003
79 12
Record,12", Vinyl,Wax,frisbee(when rendered useless)A round piece of vinyl that has music on it. The audio information is written to a master record by a stylus. The master plate is then coated with gold.This record looks like the kind given to a artist for sales. The master is then used to press the records you buy. The master is a positiveof the record to be pressed(the grooves are actually ridges.)
I need to hit the store for some DJ records
by dj scrizzle July 07, 2003
73 16
Sound made when manipulating vinyl back and forth.
many DJs skratch
by DJ SCRIZZLE November 20, 2003
18 4
a washington-based manufacturer of a line of audio equipment that is xonsidered some of the best on the market
many top Djs use rane mixers.
by dj scrizzle December 12, 2004
31 20
a type of special FX light that moves and scans patterns when activated by sound. The movement is controlled by a programmed scheme done by the factory, at random, or entered by the user.
THE DJ has intellegent lights up in the lighting rack.
by dj scrizzle July 07, 2003
7 1
Makes the world's best needles and cartidges for the reproduction of music.
Ortophons are the best.
by DJ Scrizzle April 19, 2004
3 0
A Swedish trance group known for insanely hard hitting beats.
I just got a copy of their Trance Control's new CD, Beyond 2002
by DJ Scrizzle July 08, 2003
4 3