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when a girl pulls out her phone or opens up her laptop to make herself seem unavailable
person1: yo did you holla at that shawty last night at than joint

person2: oh you mean the bitch that was on the side on her phone the whole time when errbadi else was gettin' they dance on and gettin' they drink on

Person1: oh word? what a fukin' tech-block
by swype April 27, 2011
When an electronic device is used as a shield from flirting. For example, when an opportunity occurs (eye contact, adjacent sitting), the potential person shifts attention to their gizmo (fiddling on an iPod, texting on cellphone, opening a netbook).
Paul: "Tom, why don't you say something to that cute redhead?"
Tom: "She already techblocked me when I looked over at her & smiled, then she whipped out her smartphone"
by infuzion July 20, 2010
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