1.an organization that is the coolest organization ever.
2.belonging to tech crew means you fool around with electornics and help on stage
3.a cult
those weird kids in woodroffe high school keep yelling "STEALTHY THECH CREW!!!!!!"
by Dark Matter January 24, 2004
Top Definition
A lighting and or sound production company or department, generally responsible for running major events and picking up the slack of those around them.
Rochester Institute of Technology has the best tech crew around.
by TC101 October 17, 2004
the group of ninjas lurking backstage that run the show and do all the jobs everyone else is too lazy to do.
If you piss off tech crew, don't expect your show to run smoothly.
by MuffinNinja January 17, 2011
A bunch of guys who run the lights and sound at functions. They arnt alwas nerdy, all the guys on our tech school here in oakville are all metal heads and hardcore kids. None of those pocket protector fools. Give us respect, or else we will shut off your music butch.
Playing otep after mass
by Useless August 20, 2005
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