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1.an organization that is the coolest organization ever.
2.belonging to tech crew means you fool around with electornics and help on stage
3.a cult
those weird kids in woodroffe high school keep yelling "STEALTHY THECH CREW!!!!!!"
by Dark Matter January 24, 2004
A person with a high sense of self-esteem and self-importance because they are simply the best.

Comes from the english word ego + realistic

Ego meaning the part of your conscious that knows how awesome you are
Realistic meaning actually existing
I'm allowed to talk about how good I look all the time, I am just being egolistic.
by dark matter May 09, 2012
Tall white kid who goes to school and will look down towards you because he is soooo tall.
Woa look at that Joly kid, he is so tall, and white
by Dark Matter January 24, 2004

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