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"Tec-9", popular street gat used to pop motherfuckers.
"Rollin down the block with two Tec-9s, a bag full of money and a life of hard times"
-South Central Cartel
by Kalashnikov April 10, 2003
A cheap piece of garbage, first marketed in the 80's by intratec. It has a cool barrel shroud and feels good in your hand but is a waste of money and has a false reputation for toughness.
I bought a tec but the piece of shit jammed every ten shots, and when it fired couln't hit the broad side of a barn. I sold it and bought a Mac 11 .380 which I am very happy with.
by Naft December 11, 2003
A bunch of worthless, pretentious nerds who waste their time on over-playing games and crying over losing, which they do a lot of the time. Is like a religious zealot, only pathetic.
That guy steve is part of TEC, what a loser!
by NotASweatyGorilla April 03, 2010
A abbreviation for a Tec 9. A highly inaccurate 9mm pistol designed by the Intratec Company in Miami, Fl
by 23 October 08, 2003
Slang terminology for one of intratec's tec model handguns, such as the tec 9, dc9, or tec 22
Pulled tec out, stuck it in her face, shut yur yackin mouth, or i blow the brain fromout the back ya scalp.
by Nodoz December 03, 2003
A cheap pistol (the Tec-9) that became popular with gangs because of the ease of converting it to fully automatic.

This was fixed in the less popular Tec-10.
I Tec'd his ass in a drive-by last night.
by tehqwertyone August 03, 2007
Slang term for Subutex(buprenorphine).
Dude, do you know where to find any tec?
by jaegr October 07, 2013
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