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A house purchased to be demolished where the land is used to build a larger, more expensive house. Teardowns are purchased because the land they sit on is worth more without the house.

My parents house in the old neighborhood is worth $600,000 but it would definitely be a teardown.
by Mandingoe January 03, 2008
Describing the affects of smoking marijuana, being "high", or "blazed". Typically getting tore-down is the result of smoking particularly potent marijuana and is the step after being "buzzed".
"Dammit Heintz, pack it up and let's get tore-down!" or "hook it up with a post-chop tear-down".
by j maz November 27, 2007
A Computer/IT slang term meaning to strip a Desktop PC down to its bare chassis or case. Basically the removal of all installed hard drives, disc drives, motherboard, power supply, expansion cards...everything.
Working in the shop today my manager enters with his personal computer and tells me to do a 'tear-down' on it.

My computer is really starting to show its age. It seems I'll have to order new hardware soon and do a 'tear-down'.
by DiamondBack26x June 22, 2010
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