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a being who is very very easily amused, likes to eat pickles, sings 24/7, watches scooby doo, pirates of the caribbean, spirited away, buffy, and enjoys slam poetry.
"Teal, you make no sense!"
by ah ha! December 12, 2003
126 82
Adj. A Green-like hue. Mix between Light blue and green. Designed specifically as die for automotive paint used on Chevrolet Cavaliers from 1988-1996. Also a popular tint for material used in the manufacturing of fanny-packs. Later popularized by the Philadelphia Eagles, whose primary fanbase consists of Cavelier driving fanny-pack wearers.
"The teal fanny pack matched his David Akers jersey and '89 2-door sedan."
by rexer13333331 September 12, 2005
95 52
Jackson: "Offt, Bitchface Stank"
Jayden & Ellie : Fucking reckon!
Teal: :(
by #liftyoloswagrasthektik April 16, 2013
8 3
Teal is a horse obsesed girl. She spends most of her time at the barn, and loves it. She is pretty quite, but isn't shy if you talk to her. she is just the kind of girl you need to give a chance to get to know her inner epic-ness.
she also can't spell for her life. i wish i knew her better, because she is nice to pretty much everyone.
"do you know Teal?"
"you mean the horse obsessed one?"
by ASecrethahahaha February 19, 2010
29 24
A term originating from the west country commonly used to describe a charming scoundrel, in the mould of the late Leslie Phillips.
Look at that chap chatting to those young ladies, he's such a teal.
by Jamesbridgie June 12, 2006
32 37
Teal is something of a "wild card" word, applicable in many situations. Originally it was Beal and occasionally Schmeal, usually shouted drunkenly in Newcastle. However its rites de passage occurred in a toilet when its original users were advised (whilst discussing beal and schmeal in loud voices) to "Shake your Teals!" by a completely random bystander who proceeded to gyrate his elbow in the ridiculously vigorous manner now known as "in extremis" The sporadic nature of this outburst led the users to believe that it must be the next evolutionary step of beal and schmeal and the way of Teal was born.
eg; Pass me the teal, Have you seen my teal?, "what are you up to? oh just tealing on" etc. More specific uses include "Shake your Teal!" - meaning to waggle one's elbow in a frantic manner which can be used as a greeting or farewell, in a similar manner to the thespian tradition of "break a leg" to imply good luck and enthusiasm (also the name of a smench release. Also; Get your Teal on - meaning to engage in fraternisation with an intended partner, with "Tealage in Extremis" implying successful completion of fornication with said partner
by french July 23, 2004
18 33