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The word god should be replaced by Seba everytime it is used in the exemple bellow.
OMS (Oh my Seba) instead of OMG (Oh my God)
by French May 20, 2003
wierd eclectic electro artist, formed from the combination of the names SaM and frENCH, french being the musical protagonist and sam his vocal partner in cacophonic crime
found on the cover of debut album; "YOU LOVE IT!" and the follow up "Shake your Teal" EP
by french July 23, 2004
Some guy who likes the toronto raptors. When the first name of woizinski is Marc, that first name could often be replace by Mike. See example.
Marc (mike) que ce que tu fait!
by French May 20, 2003
It originated from the name of the male reproductive organ. It is the same shape and in some cases it is probably the size of yours if you are a guy reading this. Don't get fooled by pen and penis. Don't forget to put a space after pen when it is followed by the verb is, otherwise you would have spelt penis. See exemple below.
That pen is miniscular.
by French May 20, 2003
Teal is something of a "wild card" word, applicable in many situations. Originally it was Beal and occasionally Schmeal, usually shouted drunkenly in Newcastle. However its rites de passage occurred in a toilet when its original users were advised (whilst discussing beal and schmeal in loud voices) to "Shake your Teals!" by a completely random bystander who proceeded to gyrate his elbow in the ridiculously vigorous manner now known as "in extremis" The sporadic nature of this outburst led the users to believe that it must be the next evolutionary step of beal and schmeal and the way of Teal was born.
eg; Pass me the teal, Have you seen my teal?, "what are you up to? oh just tealing on" etc. More specific uses include "Shake your Teal!" - meaning to waggle one's elbow in a frantic manner which can be used as a greeting or farewell, in a similar manner to the thespian tradition of "break a leg" to imply good luck and enthusiasm (also the name of a smench release. Also; Get your Teal on - meaning to engage in fraternisation with an intended partner, with "Tealage in Extremis" implying successful completion of fornication with said partner
by french July 23, 2004
The act of using the upper row of teeth when giving a blowjob resulting in the top layer of skin to peel and massive pleasure. Named after Hez.
My girlfriend loves to give me hez...and I love to get it.
by French May 02, 2004
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