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a sexual act performed on a male by a partner (straight or gay). the male fills a tea pot with warm (not hot!) water. he then places his balls into the open top of the tea pot. the partner then blows down the spout of the tea pot causing a jacuzzi effect on the males scrotum. it is then accompanied by a handjob. note: no boiling water or tea bags should be used at any time during this sexual act.
hey baby, did you wanna try something new tonight? yeah? i was thinking of tea potting
by evil bob August 30, 2006
A favourite of the royals, a gentleman fills a teapot with luke warm water and kneels down so that his balls are submurged in the water but his cock is above the teapot. A lady friend is then requested to straddle him, positioning her bottom over the tea spout. As she rides him, carefully- air pressures may fluctuate in the tea spout and in her ass, thus causing a jacuzzi effect for the man
"I took my girlfriend for a curry last night. Tea potting all night long. So mate- dont ever use this teapot... "
by Marie Costello August 20, 2007
where a man places his genitals into a teapot filled with warm water(and bubble if you want) - then have your partner blow down the spout of the teapot giving your bits and pieces a nice jacuzzi.
i am looking forward to a spot of teapotting with my partner later
by Akbarr May 20, 2009
Teapotting is when a man is masturbating and sticks his thumb up his own ass to massage his prostate gland in order to intensify the experience. "I'm a little teapot short and stout. Here is my handle and here is my spout"
Mark walked in only to find Phil teapotting himself while watching Fair City.
Phil's orgasms are amazing when he teapots himself.
by Colin J. S. October 12, 2007
The art of using a teapot instead of a bong to smoke weed.
"Wanna do teapotting?"
Would you like to get high?

"Shall we teapot?"
Would you like to get high?

"More tea vicar?" (hold up teapot)
Would you like to get high?
by Trashrock March 10, 2012
Aggressive face-sitting (specifically female). An act of cunnilingus In which the female positions herself over her partner and fiercely grinds her genitals into her partners mouth.
Last night my partner and I tried teapotting, and now my jaw is really sore.
by Genderfaux October 23, 2014
Female form of teabagging. The male genitalia dangle like a teabag, but a female would have to use her entire rear end. As long as we're talking tea that's the whole teapot.
You fell asleep with your mouth open, and Fat Tina was teapotting you!
by TreeWeezel August 19, 2011
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