Stands for "The Blue Feather." A trademarked that is used on books (TBF Publishings), videos (TBF Productions), and an AIM name (TBF Bri 2K5). This is not allowed to be used on anything, since it is trademarked.
At the end of the movie, we saw that it was made by TBF Productions.
by Bri March 28, 2005
Top Definition
This means "To be fair"
you : tbf, you're a dick
him : wtf?! fu n00b
by Snatch June 04, 2005
Too busy fucking
Sorry I missed class today, prof--I was tbf
by Dr. Marvick December 13, 2010
To be fair...
A: Jesus really suffered...
B: Yeah...but TBF, we sure sin a lot.
by diddywtf July 13, 2013
TBF - To Be Frank. Like the phrase TBH - To Be Honest.
I like all kinds of music tbf with you.
by Woolly. July 26, 2007
Total bitch fit.

Pretty self explanatory.
Look, I'm sorry I got your girlfriend pregnant, now would you stop throwing a TBF and get in the car?
by LBC666! August 07, 2011
Short for Titties Be Floppin'
*sees a girl with big boobs running*
"Daaaaaaaaamn, TBF!"
by yeoldesoop December 14, 2015
Telepathic best friend; when you and your bestest friend say and do stuff at the exact same time. There's a special hand gesture when this happens
"Omg! We totally had a TBF moment "
by Range55792 July 04, 2014

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