TBC= "True" "Bro" "Chill"
REP Scottsdale AZ
We Dont Fuck Around!
So I saw my True bro he was looking pretty chill.. TBC
#tbc true bro chill. tbc #scottsdale #az #rep #fountain hills pussys
by mikeasdsdaddsd January 21, 2007
Acronym for The Brothers Chaps.
Creators of Homestar Runner.com.
by DeadlyHomsar August 28, 2003
Short for Three Best Cultures, meaning, the (not uptight part of the) English one, the Scottish onen, and the Flemish one.
Flemish guy: The TBC rule! Veel beter dan kuthollanders!
Scottish guy: Yeah, man, i focking agree, ye ken?
English guy: 'Right mate, the TBC focking rule!
#tbc #rules #holland #sucks #ass
by LA-Z-BOY June 17, 2006
a person secretly in favor of Communism
Stop being a TBC and admit that you admire Communism.
by VY June 03, 2003
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