A russian pop-band, who's act was that they were lesbians. Their name comes from the russian "Ta devushka lyubit tu devushku", literally 'That girl loves that girl'.

They were huge for about a year, until Yulia (the black haired one) got pregnant.
Tatu weren't really lesbians.
by Zicdeh February 07, 2005
the best band ever and the sweetest girls you could ever meet i wonder if they are lesbians though?
Master cheife: did you see them t.a.t.u girls last night?

Ulyaoth: yes there music OWENS they have the most beautiful voices i ever herd

master cheife: damn right!!
by GLA andy911 April 19, 2004
Translated from Russian to English as "This that". t.A.T.u. is a band that formed in Moscow, Russia in 1999. The two singers, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova were first looked upon as lesbians. But later, it was discovered that that they were not lesbians, and they were just a group. They released their debut album, 200 Po Vstrechnoy (200 km/h in the Wrong Lane) on May 21, 2001.
You: Have you bought the new t.A.T.u. album? It's really great!

Me: No, not yet. I'll be sure to find it online.
by stupidoldman April 10, 2009
refers to a russian female duet who are the most famous russian band internationally....
the band comprises of lena katina and yulia volkova
they gained international stardom from their hit song "all the things she said" which riched no. 1 in charts in countries worldwide
highly controversial they are often mistook for being a lesbian duet but they pretend that at the photoshoots and videos
boy: do ya know tatu girls are lesbians?
fan boy:damn!they are not lesbians....and they are t.A.T.u!
by AnayaES April 05, 2011
The perineum. A retrospectively developed latinate variation on taint. Origionally referring to a brace of freshly killed rabbits, taint came to be primarily associated with that part of the rabbit anatomy most readily available to inspection when strung upside-down upon the end of a stick. Tatus is taint's more refined cousin, having been exorcised of its residual provincial overtones.
Rusty - "Dad, is it wrong to touch another man's tatus?"

Rusty Senior - "Not at all. Now cut away the gusset son - a tatal inspection is in order"
by Andrew Piglet January 19, 2006
Moderately talented pop group that should stick to singing in Russian.
"Tatu was more successful in Russia."
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
Russian lesbian singers
I wish I could have threesome with tatu!
by byte April 02, 2003
stands for someone who is Totally Attracted To U
That boy is T.A.T.u you should go talk to him
by Joizzle April 12, 2007

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