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Background: named for the band "Tatu" who's gimmick was that they were supposed lesbians but later this was found to be false.

Definition: A growing trend towards publically flaunted lesbianism(or the pretense thereof), seems to be particularly popular amoungst goths, raver/nightclub culture, creative arts studants & theatre media studants
"all these girls you see at the pubs holding hands & kissing eachother in front of large groups of people, it's like they have Tatu Syndrome"
by Psuedonym January 05, 2005
Bits of ugly fat hanging over the top of hipster jeans when someone squeezes into a size too small.
Most visible from behind, the unsighly bulges can be spotted in almost any pub or night club in the UK on a Friday or Saturday night, and sightings have been reported during the daytime too.
The hipster jeans are usually accompanied by a tight t-shirt which rides up to the narrower part of the body due to the width of the plaps, making them more obvious. The t-shirt may also be a size too small, although this is not always the case.
"I have to keep pulling my t-shirt down to cover my plaps."
by psuedonym April 15, 2005

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