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Perez Hiltons nickname for Britney Spears oldest son, Sean Preston Federline.
"Tator Tot cried because his mom, Britney, dropped him.... Again."
by unfitney January 25, 2008
a short midget who is fat and can roll around easily. word used to describe people
" jim got attacked by a swarm of tator tots coming back from their midget convention."
by hncjo89 February 05, 2009
one of da best foods you can eat wit ketchup =]
I'm gonna go eat a tator tot. =]
by dabest1 September 11, 2007
a girl with virtually no boobs; lacking ta-tas.
dude1: man that girl had some tator-tots!!
dude2: i know! i almost didn't see them.
by smack-a-hoe tribe April 05, 2009
This is a sex move that require the following:
Fat guy with chode
slim hot girl

this is when you take a mans chode and put it in your pussy or ass, without it being hard. this part requires skill - the man has to ejaculate with a soft dick.with the cum on the dick while its inside will simulate a greasy tator tot in your vagina.
finally the girl lets out a nice warm quiff and it gives the "tator tot"a nice fresh oven baked feeling. WARNING- the girl will probably get pregnant.
Last night at the frat house we did a tator tot.
by CBIRDXXX April 23, 2011
Small testicals; very tiny balls
Your tator tots are extremly small and i doubt could contain any seman.
by Samuel Jackson September 05, 2006