Noun - A person who dictates over something or someone else. Inflicting their rule over someone else, typically a husband or child. It has been know to cause civil unrest and uprisings. Violence usually results in the -tatee being injured.
Her - No you can't listen to Katy Perry because I want to listen to Rick Springfield.

Him - Why do you have to be such a Tune-tator
by Duecey 2 April 04, 2011
Stupid counter-strike server that plays FY maps, which are by definition horrible.
Hey lets go play on Tator's, damn nevermind still on crappy maps
by sideout October 04, 2004
A Virginia Tech Student or Someone from the Southwestern Virginia Area. Someone who is lacking common sense and intelligence.
My god that Tech student is a tator he couldn't even work the ATM, it must of had to many buttons.
by JosieSmith April 14, 2008
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