The tater tot is an extension of a "shart" which was popularized by the movie, Along Came Polly, which is when someone thinks they need to fart, and when they do, a little shit comes out. The tater tot is when one has to shit so badly that they can not hold it and they shit their pants in the car. Now this is no ordinary dump, this is a full blown toilet clogging, shit on the bathroom floor, useless to the plunger, rotorotter problem. Thus, this shit in the car gets everywhere, meaning all over the seat, the door, on the floor, and even a little on the steering wheel. Now one could ask is this possible, and if one has experienced a true tater tot, they will know it is possible.
The other day my friend did a tater tot, it got every where. It took all day to clean, and we had to throw away 3 pairs of shoes and the driver seat car mat.
by mad127 September 03, 2009
Top Definition
A super high guy. Sometimes can mean a gay person.
Whats up, Tatertot?

Dude, that guy is a total Tatertot.
by tom tom tom October 18, 2006
A pair of scrumptuous and well rounded titties.
Dang, look at that hot lady over there, she has some wonderful tater tots!
by Piranha June 26, 2006
A term used in tennis when one mistakenly hits a ball that is going out.
I was sure I had that point lost, but my opponent saved me by tater totting it into the net.
by King of the thugs February 28, 2012
Tater Tots: noun. A traditional American frozen food, supposedly made of potatoes, nicknamed Taters. Tater tots are basically fried minced potato in a tiny cylinder form, and then frozen, bought at the store, and baked in an oven. :)
I had tater tot casserole for dinner last night. I love it! XD
by Flikety April 11, 2012
A potato cut into small pieces baked to crunchy perfection
I like these tatertots
by Marck Hensch March 24, 2005
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