Crusty balls.
Dude. What's with your stanky balls? Oh, you haven't taken a shower in three weeks. Nice tater tots.
by frank22222 January 30, 2012
Pants, shorts, or a skirt, all in which have no back pockets on the booty. Most often called "Mexi-pants"
Damn! Her ass lookin' fine in them Tater-tots.
by Ava Ray April 18, 2006
Term used to describe a bitch's hoots.(tits)
"My favorite dinner is tater tots and rump roast!" (tits and ass)
by Peeyimp December 01, 2007
A deliciously delicious potato product, made from the remains of french fries. The texture is that of potato cakes/hashbrowns and they're shaped into small cylindars.
Hot dogs and tatertots
by alyssia_ November 17, 2005
A person who has eaten so many tatertots in their lifetime that they start to look like one
I have eaten so many tatertots today that you mind as well call me Tater Tot.
by putdown April 13, 2015
Tatertots are made of potatoes, usually, and are well known in North America as a type of side dish. They are shaped like rectangular blocks, and taste like hash browns.

Their life cycle: taterbaeb, tatertoddler, tateykiddy, taterdult, tatertot.

Relative cousins: potato chips, potatoes, etc.

mashed tatertot - tired
tatertotally! - complete agreement

When tatertots ace a health checkup, they will evolve into ace-tate.
"I like my tatertots mashed."
by JerBerBot October 12, 2014

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