This is when you turn tv on its side to play shmups, the cream of video games.
Man, I'm totally gona tate my tv tonight and play Ikaruga and Dodonpachi. Like, now.
by johnl March 15, 2005
A person who cant get any chicks, and clings to a girl because she's the only person who talk to him the girl being a whore
Tate: Hey slut Slut:Hey tate,
Tate: Hey "non slut" ,non slut: leave me alone
by Koopar July 16, 2003
The epidermal skin between a man's scrotum and rectum. Also known as:
1. Taint
2. Gooch
3. Pelican flap
If men could have childbirth, it would be the tate that tore.
by Rad Johnson January 23, 2014
Beautiful, outgoing, caring, flawless. The list goes on and on! Sweet, humorous, amazing in bed, BEST kisser, will leave you wanting more. Is an amazing girlfriend, is beyond capable of making you happy. Most beautiful smile, long and lucious hair, phat ass, enticing eyes. When you meet a Tate, you'll never forget her, you're lucky.
Did you see that girl?! She must be Tate.
by tatertotsaregood March 16, 2015
a male homosexual; can be used as a code word so that the homosexual in discussion doesn't know you are talking about him if he overhears the conversation.

origin. jotates

same as este
"Who the hell is this guy with the goatee on Jay Leno?"
"Oh, it's that 'tates from 'Queer As Fuck' . "
"Tsk. Fucking este."
by Roach Brothers May 05, 2004
noun - the act of knocking a closed fist against another's closed fist as a sign of salutation, agreement or celebration. Derived from the game "One Potato, Two Potato"
Nice burn! Give me some tates!
by Chuckeez March 22, 2007
Used now as a boys name - the name originally derives from the noun for a small tuft of fibre.
Pull tate through the matting to make a carpet.
by Jethro_Orange October 27, 2010
A person who has light brown hair and brown eyes who is the sexiest person ever!!!
OMG start acting like a Tate, stop being a EMILY!!!
by happy days is the best April 30, 2008

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