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Apparently, a group of wealthy Americans with surplus money and lesiure time, possessing an incredible ability to write lovingly about themselves.
Every other definition on this page.
by scose January 13, 2005
TR-909, analog drum machine made by Roland in the 80s. Famous especially for its bass drum sound which can be heard "4 to the floor" on many dance songs. Now rare and very expensive.
he tuned the 909 kick to the resonant frequency of the club and the dancers' spines turned into jelly.
by scose April 12, 2004
improvised, as in freestyle raps (dome=head).
"bitch you gone / I freestyle, I'm off the dome"
-lil flip
by scose January 18, 2005
syn. "taste". Usu. lenghtened and embellished for dramatic effect (tasssssse). Refers to any immensely pleasurable consumption, esp. of food or marijuana.
Damn, gettin' my tase at bojangles sure feels great after I got some of that headies tase from the Roor.

This breeze feels good on my neck while i'm gettin' my tase.
by scose September 20, 2006

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