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noun: tends destroy your belongings and/or come on your friends.. ; also tends to create words that make little to no sense
aww mann, the tarvis came on my friend again.
by dirkensmith johnson June 16, 2011
The most hardcore motherfucker in League of Legends
You are so Tarvi
by kakanaator February 04, 2013
n. One or more skanks in a group of bitches cockblocking your slut banging efforts.
s.) "Dude, you're never going to land your load on that slut's face tonight if you don't get that fat tarvis out of your way."

p.) The tarvis swarmed about her, a viscous horde silent in its vigilant watch. In its natural state the tarvis is a mere detestation, but once disturbed it rapidly blooms into an abomination that shits all over the party.

origin: "Cock-Blocking Tarvis!"
- Spray painted on a Boston area construction site.
by Serup Kremlin September 13, 2005

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