Someone of either sex who is overly concerned about their image, and the projection thereof. Symptoms include the desire to be associated with celebrities, in public.
That Simon Cowell is such a tart.
by JimInRoses January 27, 2010
A whore or slut
Mother: Were you hanging out with those damn tarts again?
Teenage son: Mom they aren't sluts they just dress like them
by Candycaneeee November 11, 2010
Any female who can make "pigtails" look like the sexiest thing on earth.
The Tort Court reporter is a Cute Court Tart
by CunningLinguist January 23, 2005
A word or phrase that nobody understands. When in public, saying the word "tart" (sometimes in uninterpretable languages) causes confusion and sometimes uneasiness. Can also be used as a noun, mainly in describing a person.
Boppa: "Dude I just got the sickest snowboard boots around!"

Aaron: "TARRRTTT!!"


Waitress: "I'll be right back with your breakfast"

Aaron: "Hey Dave, don't you think she acted like a tart when she didn't bring me butter for my pancakes?"
by King of the Dancehall December 05, 2010
A Pop-Tart that wont pop.
Tart, a not vry good food to eat. PopTarts are much better
by oStevieBo October 14, 2007
referring to LSD or acid.
I've got this tart I want to drop for the show.
by lola5 April 18, 2007
A female fan of the actor Gerard Butler.
Gerard Butler sure loves his Tarts!
by HockeyChick June 04, 2005
boobs, juggs, knocks
dang that chick has amazing tarts
by Schaeffer McPherson September 20, 2007

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