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A place void of cellphone reception, otherwise known as a dead zone.
Sorry, I didn't catch that last part. I was driving through a tarl.
by banana52 August 11, 2011
7 0
1. Name of the hero in Gor Novels from the 70s, who found a way to a planet exactly opposite Earth, and had many adventures.
2. Name of legendary Facebooker.
3. Reverse of "Lrat."
"Tarl, in counter Earth, found himself facing doom from the wagon peoples."
"Tarl, on facebook, admins more sites than any other Facebooker."
"Tarl, reversed, is lraT."
by Thomas W November 29, 2007
19 7
A word that can replace any noun or verb.
"I need a tarl to tarl my tarl."

I need a lighter to light my cigarette.
by pletr0 September 09, 2006
19 11
Tits are real life
Tits are real life! Awesome!
by Tarl4life April 04, 2013
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